BSC #57: Dawn Saves the Planet (Preview)

Somehow I’ve avoided doing a Dawn book up until this point, and while I could have chosen Dawn and the Big Sleepover if I wanted to choose a book where she’s actually likable, where’s the fun in that?

Strap yourself in for this book, because Dawn is preachy as hell.

The cover tells you enough. Check out Dawn in her baggy 90’s mom jeans, pointing at a poster she clearly made herself to harass people into recycling. Not that recycling is bad, but do you really need a pointer like you’re trying to teach those kids to read from a recycling poster? Because I hate to break it to you Dawn, but those boys are not listening. They’re probably whispering dirty names for Transformers back and forth in between giggles. (“More like Bumble-pee! Hehe!”) And don’t ask me to even begin to identify those kids from the baby-sitting client catalog. You can say any random name and I’d go with it. Jake Kuhn? Yeah, that’s him. I don’t even think his family has moved to Stoneybrook by this point, but sure, let’s go with it.

Here’s the description:

Dawn thinks studying ecology is so cool. For a science project, she and Stacey are even teaching an ecology class to some of their baby-sitting charges. It’s fun to get kids excited about cleaning up the earth.

But Dawn isn’t through yet. She wants to start a recycling center at SMS. The baby-sitters and most of the students are all for it, but Dawn needs a lot of help. And lately she’s been so bust lecturing people about being environmentally responsible that no one can stand being around her!

Poor Dawn. She’s trying to do a good thing-but she’s driving everyone crazy!

See? Even the description says she’s annoying. You know that’s a bad sign. At least Stacey is getting roped into this too. Hopefully she’ll lose her NYC sophisticate mind on Dawn the recycling czar. All hail recycling czar!




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