BSC #57: Dawn Saves the Planet (Chapters 13 & 14)

Chapter Thirteen

  • Three days till the Green Fair and Dawn’s bicycle basket is laden down with more posters and fliers. How many dead trees are we up to now?

  • Still on Dawn’s to-do list: call the editor at the newspaper (they def screen their calls for any member of the BSC by now), plus she needs someone to videotape the train wreck. With their giant early 90’s camcorder? Pretty sure those things only get yanked out on holidays, Dawn. This isn’t some cellphone society where people are filming themselves buying a latte. Those things caused permanent neck pain.
  • Dawn distributes 40 posters for the girls to slap around town (how many tree lives is that?), even providing a list of where they’re supposed to put them up. Kristy can’t because she’s busy, and Dawn freaks that now the art museum will be Green Fair poster free. Stoneybook has an art museum? They only have one hair salon. I’m not buying it.
  • Dawn and Stacey get in a fight because Dawn is ordering people to do things without asking. That’s how dictatorships work, Stacey! How long have you been a member of this club where Kristy constantly does the same shit?! I guess it’s only okay when one person does it, because otherwise it’s not a true dictatorship….
  • Everyone’s also pissed that she’s treating them like criminals for chucking soda cans, and once again Dawn is near tears. She cannot see this from the other side at all.
  • ┬áIt takes a phone call, a discussion on who will baby-sit for Mrs. Newton, a call back to said mother and a gentle explanation from her friends before Dawn FINALLY begins to consider that maybe she has been “awfully pushy” lately.

  • I find it ironic that Kristy is totally against bossy Dawn when that’s 50% of her own personality.
  • Everybody works it out and Dawn and Stacey are okay working together to finish the project. Guess I’ll have to read about this Green Fair after all…

Chapter Fourteen

  • It’s Green Fair day. Stacey first freaks out that nobody is going to come, but Dawn points out that the kids all have parents who are obligated by DNA to show up. What if too many people come?! Stacy frets next. Don’t worry, girls. I guarantee no one even glanced at the poster to taped to the window of the “art museum”.
  • One of the booths almost literally blows away, David Michael and his friend get in an argument about who was supposed to bring celery, and you’re already asleep.

  • Don’t worry about that vegetable catastrophe, because Dawn saves the day by sending one of the boys into Stacey’s house for some celery. It’s been a snack twice in this book and she def has some on hand.
  • According to this book, one fifteen year old tree can make 700 paper bags. How can I convert that to fliers?

  • The illustrious Mrs. Gonzalez shows up (only the second adult that’s been mentioned showing up to this fair…maybe I was wrong about those parents…), and Bill sells 10 of his bird houses for a total of 20 bucks. Who is paying 2 dollars for a milk carton bird house? I want names!
  • On the spot, Dawn (with an okay from Stacey, because we’ve just been down this road), decides the proceeds from the shitty bird house sales will go to the middle school recycling center. The teacher declares it the best idea she’s heard all day. She definitely just woke up.


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