BSC #60 Mary Anne’s Makeover Preview


Before we talk cover, I want to make it clear that Mary Anne’s Makeover was one of my favorite BSC books when I was growing up. All the stuff with her hanging out at the mall with her dad while he bought her nearly everything she wanted was practically tween porn. Plus even though I’m a secret Kristy and a wanna be Stacey, I’m really a social Mary Anne, as I tend to be shy and bookish, especially around people I don’t know. Since I definitely have a soft spot for the character, I’ll admit it will be a little hard to make fun of her. That’s fine though, because in this book all her friends are catty bitches and my wrath will be solely on them.

So back to that cover, here we have Mary Anne and (spoiler!) her new haircut, walking with her boyfriend, Logan. Logan has mom jeans, but otherwise doesn’t look too bad despite Mary Anne’s slightly strained smile. That haircut certainly makes her look older than thirteen, but then again these girls rarely look age appropriate on these covers. In the background there against the lockers we have Claudia, Kristy and who I have to assume is Dawn, because nothing about a plain white shirt and jeans screams NYC sophisticated to me. Taking their expressions one by one, Claud looks like she’s straight up wishing death on her smiling friend, while Kristy looks upset that Mary Anne is at all capable of happiness when she isn’t involved. Dawn just looks exasperated, like the next words out of her mouth are going to be, “Ohmygod, can you actually believe she’s SMILING right now? Like, what gives?”

They are the worst in this book.

Here’s the description:

When Mary Anne sees a picture of a haircut that she really likes, the Baby-sitters don’t pay much attention to it. They like good old Mary Anne just the way she is.

But Mary Anne really wants the haircut. So she goes ahead and gets it – along with some new clothes and a little makeup. Mary Anne can’t wait for her friends to see her.

What a mistake! The Baby-sitters can’t believe what she’s done. And that makes Mary Anne mad. What kind of friends are they?

I don’t know, shitty ones?

Hang on for a wild ride with Mary Anne’s Makeover, folks.



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