BSC Super Special #1 – Baby-sitters on Board! (Ch. 13 & 14)

Chapter Thirteen

  • Claudia goes tearing after her secret admirer, who Stacey thinks might have brown hair. She runs into a boy with blonde hair who tells her he saw a guy with red hair and “great sneakers” run by. Claudia rightfully judges the sneakers detail, but gives up and starts pouring her heart out to this stranger instead, as these girls are known to do.

  • The guy she’s talking to is pretty insistent the secret admirer should stay secret. Wonder where this is going.
  • At least Claudia and this guy, who turns out to be named Timothy, aren’t getting handsy the second they exchange names. (I’m looking at you, Dawn.) He’s also from Connecticut.
  • Timothy has long lashes Claudia would “have given my eye teeth” for. Ew! What? Is that the kind of language you pick up reading those saucy Nancy Drew novels?
  • Besides wanting to trade her teeth for his eyelashes, Claudia finds herself attracted to Tim before she remembers she has a secret admirer willing to buy her presents, so screw this guy. I mean, there’s jewelry at stake here, dude. Jewelry not made of balled up aluminum foil, or whatever she’s been working on.
  • Tim hesitantly asks Claudia if they can spend some time together in Disney World, and she hastily agrees while fretting about all the shoes she needs to pack up. He walks her back to her cabin even though it’s out of his way.

  • She returns to the room to find Kristy and Dawn have already packed and are reading silently on their beds. Claudia is basically like, our hotel room is going to be way bigger than this, so knock it off or I’ll throw shoes at your head. She doesn’t really say that bit about the shoes. I just wanted to see if I could shoehorn in another comment about footwear.

Chapter Fourteen

  • Kristy is impressed that their hotel room has a separate sink and mirror outside the actual bathroom, but frets over how three girls are going to share two king sized beds. Claudia solves that problem by stating that since they’re staying three nights, each one of them can have the bed to herself one night. Way to be the leader for a second time, Claudia. Thought that was your job, Kristy. There might be a coup in your future.

  • Kristy and Dawn are super excited about having cable in the hotel room and are hoping to find some R-rated movies. Having been an 8th grade girl myself, I can assure you this is accurate.
  • Although there’s more than enough space in the hotel room for all their stuff, Kristy purposely dumps out some Fritos and makes a mess. Guess who quickly puts a stop to this? Claudia again! Claudia, you’re quickly becoming my hero. She makes the two girls call a truce, pointing out they’re going to be in Disney World and there’s no reason for all this crap. IT’S THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, GOD DAMMIT!
  • The girls then discuss R-rated movies, which none of them have actually seen. Dawn’s nine year old brother has though. Was he secretly raised by the Pikes?
  • Kristy and Dawn have an extra apology to each other, so I guess that plot line is over, thank god.
  • They then get super excited about the free stuff in the bathroom and the mini-bar before Watson shuts that down. He may be a millionaire, but he didn’t get there by spending his bucks on five dollar chocolate bars.
  • The girls start to explore the hotel with Karen and Andrew in tow and find the grumpy old man Mr. Staples at the checkOUT desk, which Kristy freaks out about. She runs over and harasses him until he changes his mind. That’s the real Kristy power. She’s been saving it up for a moment like this.

  • The chapter ends with nobody having any ideas about a gift for the parents. Maybe I would care about this a little more if I didn’t already know the present was this collection of journal entries from all the kids. Sorry, spoiler alert.


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