BSC Super Special #1 – Baby-sitters on Board! (Ch. 19 & 20)

Chapter Nineteen

  • It’s Byron’s chapter, and now it’s Stacey’s turn to follow five boys around. Sorry, Stacey, but Mary Anne has more than paid her dues and it’s your turn to suffer.

  • The boys want to go on a bunch of rides, keep looking for treasure and eat “as much food as possible”. What fun you’re in for Stacey. At least she “insists” they ride the roller coasters before they eat a thing. She’s seen Margo barf one time too many this trip, I assume.
  • Besides both being stunning blondes or whatever, Dawn and Stacey have something else in common – they both get queasy on Space Mountain! Come on girls, you’re thirteen, and that ride really isn’t that intense. Then she starts fretting about the swaying of the boats on Pirates of the Caribbean. Come on, Stacey. Are you in a Freaky Friday scenario with Margo? If not, get a grip Ms. NYC Sophisticate. You just came off a freaking cruise for goodness sake.
  • Byron has to calm his baby-sitter down. Now that’s being a leader, Stacey. Where’s Claudia – she’s been killing this leadership thing the whole book.
  • The boys all go nuts in the dump shop after the ride and each buy something. Disney knows how to get paid.

  • Now in the mood for treasure hunting, they head to Tom Sawyer Island to look around. And guess what? Byron finds treasure! On the barrel bridge something shiny catches his eye and he digs out an old looking gold bracelet. He’s super excited until Stacey realizes it’s Dawn’s lost bracelet. Dawn’s going to be happy, and so is her mom, especially since she still can’t find the toaster. Or the new one she bought to replace it.
  • Dawn is so happy to have her bracelet back she cries. Byron could give a shit. And he’s supposed to be the “sensitive” triplet.

Chapter Twenty

  • It’s a Karen chapter, and while my first instinct is to complain about having to read two “kiddie” chapters in a row (in a kid’s book, but shut up), I’m not because she’s super excited to go to a character meal on the Empress Lilly, just like I did on my first Disney trip.
  • Karen is still convinced the hitch-hiking ghost is following her around, I feel like she’s going to grow up and start reading a lot of tarot cards.
  • Her, Watson, Elizabeth, Andrew and David Michael settle in for their meal. I’m surprised they left Kristy out, I bet she would have been down for this. She’s probably too busy harassing the old man to come with her to Epcot while her older brothers stay in the hotel room and break into the mini-bar, unfazed by the threat of Watson’s wrath.

  • A singer comes to the center of the room and asks if anyone is celebrating a birthday. When Karen sees all the attention another boy gets when he says it’s his birthday, Karen can’t help herself and announces it’s her birthday too. While the rest of her family glares daggers, she soaks up the attention of strangers. Scratch what I said about the tarot cards earlier. Now I’m thinking stripper.
  • Watson is pretty pissed that Karen told a lie, but she blames it on the hitch-hiking ghost, even though she knows that’s bullshit. Hmm. Now I’m thinking lawyer. Pick a career track, Karen!
  • Tigger and Pluto come around to sign and pose. That’s it? You got jipped, Watson! Every character meal these days has at least four characters, and that character pairing also makes no sense. Those characters don’t really live in the same Disney universe! Okay, stop side-eyeing me. I see you.

  • They head to the Magic Kingdom, and after Watson takes Andrew to the restroom, and Elizabeth runs after David Michael, Karen looks up after fixing her sock to find…she’s lost! A cast member comes over to help her, and Karen decides her ghost is friendly and trying to help her.
  • After they find Elizabeth by the carousel, Karen decides her ghost is nice and she wants to bring him home to hang out with the ghost in the big house. Lots of lessons learned here, I see. She’s going to wind up an Instagram celebrity. I just know it.




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