BSC Super Special #1 – Baby-sitters on Board! (Ch. 21 & 22)

Chapter Twenty-One

  • It’s their last day at Disney World, and Stacey is heading to Epcot Center (which it was still called back in 1988), even though she doesn’t understand what experimental prototype community of tomorrow means. Too bad she doesn’t have a smart phone that can tell her.
  • She’s going there with Claire and Margo, who are the only Pike kids who want to go. This is a plot device I have about a BILLION problems with. First of all, of all the kids, I would think the youngest two girls would have been the least likely to want to go. Mallory’s probably eager for a new setting to stalk people in, and Vanessa would probably swoon all over the romantic mood of the France pavilion. Second of all, NO WAY Mr. and Mrs. Pike wouldn’t want to drink around the world. With that many kids around, you gotta know how to throw back a few. But whatever, I’ll pretend the seven and five year old have any interest in super boring Universe of Energy.

  • On the bus, Margo wants to know which ride has the dinosaurs because her friend says it’s the “funnest”. Oh boy. Margo, get new friends. Second of all, it’s so not. I’m trying to save you a forty-five minute nap here!
  • Claire doesn’t even know what Epcot is, and when Stacey explains it, both girls lament that it sounds like school. Yeah, but does school have a 3D movie starring Michael Jackson? He’s pretty much at the high point of his popularity here, kids.
  • At the park they run into Marc, which is why we needed these characters in this setting. They decide to go around together. Marc is all excited that there isn’t a single “wild” ride here that he can’t go on. Sadly wouldn’t be the case at today’s Epcot, kid. Margo would definitely be barfing all over Mission: Space.
  • They wait in a freaking line at Universe of Energy? That’s just a shame. Unless you’re Mallory, and just want to scribble down notes about kids complaining they’re bored. Then it’s utopia.
  • The kids are super excited about the dinosaurs in the ride. I guess kids were easier to impress in 1988. Judge for yourself, although this is an updated version, and this ride has since closed for good:

  • After a few more rides, they stop to take a break and the girls sit at a separate table with their new friend. This is when Marc’s parents choose to share with Stacey the fact that he’s having major heart surgery that he might not survive. Well, they don’t go right out and say it, but despite not knowing what the word prototype means, Stacey isn’t stupid. You probably shouldn’t tell a thirteen year old stranger that the new friend she’s just made might not live, but the parents were kind of a mess. Which is understandable.
  • That night Stacey lies in bed crying about Marc. I guess Mary Anne is too zonked out on pain meds to hear her.

Chapter Twenty-two

  • Claudia is watching the Main Street Electrical parade at the Magic Kingdom with everyone she went on vacation with, plus all their new pals. This includes Timothy, that dude who said her secret admirer had great sneakers. She muses the only thing that would make this moment more perfect is her secret admirer. She probably forgets Timothy’s name fifty times a day: “Who’re you again? Jimothy? Is that a name?”
  • In the middle of the parade, Alex interrupts their once in a lifetime moment to be a complete bitch to her little brother, even baiting Claudia into asking who their parents are. Uh, these girls tell each other everything, so joke’s on you, honey. She already knows.
  • Oh, she also spills that Timothy is Claudia’s secret admirer. Oh…Claudia…no way…that came out of nowhere…I totally thought it was someone else this whole time…
  • Mary Anne comes over to join the convo, since Alex has ruined the parade for everyone at this point. Alex straight up says that she lies to get attention. She probably has a reality show right now.

  • But she does REALLY know Spider from the Insects FOR REAL and he’s not on this trip. So there.
  • Claudia feels fooled that Timothy didn’t admit he was her Secret Admirer, but he was just afraid she wouldn’t like him, you guys. Awwwwww. Sorry. I think I’ve just been watching too much Fuller House.
  • Oh, and Timothy was also the “stowaway” Mallory saw on the boat. He likes to hide in rope and spy on people. Mallory, I think I found your soulmate. Or a future serial killer.
  • After the fireworks, Timothy kisses her. So you might say they had some fireworks of their own!
  • Kristy pretty much calls a midnight meeting of the BSC and Claudia once again solves all their problems by deciding they should put together photo albums and trip diaries for the adults. Her idea is beloved by all. Congrats, Claudia. You win this book.



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