BSC Super Special #1 – Baby-sitters on Board! (Ch. 5 & 6)

Chapter Five

  • Now we have to put up with a Karen chapter? If I want to read a seven year old bitching I’ll pick up a Little Sisters book. This is what happens in the days before Jessi, I guess. Gotta pad this book somehow.
  • Karen’s not even seven yet, she’s six. But she starts off bitching about how Kristy doesn’t listen to her sometimes. So clearly a year won’t change much.

  • Karen, Andrew and David Michael head to the pool with Kristy, but Karen forgets her ear plugs. After Karen bitches, and David Michael whines that they just got there, Kristy lets the SIX YEAR OLD go back to the cabin by herself to get them. Are you kidding me? On a giant boat? A giant boat you just got on? Were the 80’s really that different? I mean, even the Pikes aren’t that lenient, Kristy, and if a kid fell overboard they might not even notice.
  • Kristy tells Karen to come right back, but of course Karen gets distracted by the beauty parlor. Because she’s six! If she falls overboard, this is all on you, Kristy. Watson will definitely notice. He’s a millionaire.
  • Karen asks to have her nails painted and tells the lady to charge it to her cabin, which she learned how to do from her millionaire father. By the time she’s ten she’ll probably have her own black AMEX.

  • The lady asks Karen if her parents said she could charge things. Karen distracts the woman with a story about how her parents are divorced. Poor divorced kid! Surely you can charge whatever you want! Geez, this kid should be a con artist.
  • Karen is surprised that her nails take so long. Manicures usually take like thirty minutes, and no one comes to look for her. Meanwhile a girl who I can only assume is Alexandra by the description, hands her stylist a hundred dollar bill as a tip and claims her aunt is a countess. I swear I’ve read more about this Alexandra girl over the past forty five pages than any other character. Were they aiming to give her her own spin off?
  • Karen gets her earplugs (still no one is looking for her – Watson and Elizabeth are taking naps, because I guess they trust Kristy for some reason). Then she decides she’s thirsty, so she goes to the cafe and orders a coke. Of course she charges it and no one looks twice at an unattended six year old. (I guess when there’s a sixteen year old Countess’ niece walking around…) After all of this she finally returns to the pool where Kristy is “sitting nervously”. Sitting?! You should be scouring the boat for that kid! Not putting your feet up! And you call yourself the president of the BSC!

  • Kristy scolds Karen, then laughs when she hears the truth about what she’s been up to all this time. Oh, you lovable scamp! Girls will be girls! Yeah, wait until Watson hears about this. Whatever. Still way better than Mallory’s so-called chapter.

Chapter Six

  • Claudia wakes up all excited the next day because they’re going to be docking in the Bahamas. She’s sleeping on one of the top bunks, and they’re using the other to store all the clothes she brought.
  • Outfit time! “I put on my new blue-and-white bikini and over that, a pink sundress with spaghetti straps at the shoulders and big blue buttons down the front. Then I accessorized. I tied a pink-and-blue scarf around my waist, knotting it in the middle, added my snake bracelet and feather earrings, wound my hair up on top of my head, and finally put on these white sandals with long laces that you can crisscross up your legs and tie in a bow.” God, are the 80’s back? Because I feel like I would see that look in a catalog. Or maybe I’m just way out of touch.
  • Kristy and Dawn are still bickering about keeping the room neat. You still haven’t even been there twenty four hours!

  • At breakfast, Claudia gets a note under her juice that says “I think you are beautiful” and is signed from a secret admirer. Careful, Claudia! It might be some weird old man just waiting for the internet to be invented so he can more easily lure girls into his van.
  • Claudia starts to dream that the note is from Spider, that guy from the Insects that Mallory is convinced she saw. “Wouldn’t that be amazing” she sighs. Yeah, if you want him to be a pedophile. Because you’re thirteen.
  • When they get to Nassau, Dawn goes off on her own, because that’s fine for a young teen in a foreign country, and Claudia feels weird hanging out with Kristy’s family, so she too goes off alone. This isn’t how an episode of Dateline starts at all.
  • She starts taking pictures, and someone keeps jumping out of her viewfinder. Are you being stalked, Claudia? I told you young teen and foreign country was a bad mix!

  • After buying some stuff at the straw market, she opens the bag she purchased and finds a note identical to the one she found that morning. Maybe she should feel a little weird at this point and return to the safety of the boat, but no, she goes to an aquarium where Mr. Stalker has already paid her admission fee. She spends most of the time stalking around for the stalker, but no luck.
  • She sees some mother of pearl earrings she can’t afford at another shop, then sadly goes to a cafe to order a coke. Guess what comes with the coke? The freaking earrings, along with a note from the secret admirer. At least he’s rich? I can only imagine how much your parents would be freaking out if they knew some strange boy was following you around the Bahamas, Claudia. You know how much they hate Nancy Drew.



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