BSC Super Special #1 – Baby-sitters on Board! (Chapters 11 & 12)

Chapter Eleven

  • I know this is shocking info, but apparently the unsupervised ten year olds were running all over the ship, knocking into people until one of the ship’s stewards had to drag them back to their parents’ room. So what do you think the Pikes do? Immediately put them back in the care of the thirteen year old baby-sitters. Because Mr. Pike didn’t con his company into paying for a vacation for twelve people so he would be forced to watch his own kids.
  • “At least until tomorrow”, Mr. Pike adds. Sure, let them cause problems in Disney World. We’re never going to see those people again, and internet message boards where people exclusively bitch about Disney stuff haven’t been invented yet.
  • The baby-sitters are going to pair the four younger kids together and stick the triplets with Mary Anne, but the boys all want to be together, so whatevs. Easy day for Stacey. Sorry, Mary Anne. I wouldn’t go on a free vacation to watch four unruly boys and I’m a full grown adult. But that’s me.

  • Soon Mary Anne is watching five boys (because David Michael joins them). Fuck this, Mary Anne. I don’t know what they’re paying you, but it’s definitely not enough.
  • They show Mary Anne their treasure map after they make her promise not to laugh at them. Of course she won’t, she’s not Dawn. She tries to amuse herself by taking pictures, but she’s quickly bored.
  • At least until she spots Alexandra. Thank god, I feel like we haven’t seen her in days. What is she wearing? It sadly doesn’t say. Let’s pretend it’s a bikini that looks like it’s made from diamond studded handkerchiefs.

  • Anyway, they strike up a convo, and Alex, as she tells Mary Anne to call her, bitches about her hair, mentions a brother and says this is her fourteenth cruise. Mary Anne finds a lie in her story, considering Alex previously said she was traveling alone, and now her brother’s seen her horrible haircut apparently, but she lets it go.
  • Poor Mary Anne tries to brag that Spider from the Insects is on the ship, but Alex shoots that down, because they’re good friends and she’d know. Of course. Mary Anne then boldly asks what happened to her parents, and Alex said they were killed in a car accident six months ago. So I guess Mary Anne’s instinct about that “ki” word was right. Or Alex is a big fat liar. Either way.
  • Mary Anne and Alex bond a little on losing a parent(s) before the rowdy boys chase Alex away. Mary Anne believes she’s found a true friend. You know, despite that fact that she clearly lied about the whole traveling alone thing. These girls should not talk to any strangers on vacation. They’re way too gullible.

Chapter Twelve

  • Stacey is supposed to watch Claire, Margo and Vanessa, but all Vanessa wants to do is sit and read, so Stacey says if her parents say it’s okay, she can sit with Mallory on the Sun Deck and read. Would they really not say it’s okay, Stacey? They let their ten year olds swim alone on a strange island without batting an eye. If they said no to a nine year old reading on a contained ship with her eleven year old sister, call CPS.
  • Before we move on, I need to point out again how unfair this all is to Mary Anne, watching five boys versus two girls. Bull shit.
  • They run into Marc and his dad, and the girls invite him along to the video arcade. Marc’s dad wants nothing to do with that place, but Stacey said she doesn’t have a problem keeping an eye on Marc too. I mean, where’s he going to go in a wheelchair? “I’m sure you’re responsible”, Marc’s dad agrees, and off they go. Stacey’s sure that Marc’s dad thinks she’s responsible because of all the diabetes stuff she discussed with them when they met. Are any of these girls not going around babbling their personal info on this ship?

  • The kids become fast friends playing video games, although Margo is concerned that Marc can’t go on Space Mountain because he can only leave his wheelchair to go on the quiet rides.
  • Before meeting Marc’s dad they go for ice cream where they run into, shockity shock, Claudia. While Stacey is paying for the chocolate sodas the kids want, she overhears the boy in front of her say he wants to pay for “hers” too, and point in Claudia’s direction. Well, she thinks he’s pointing at Claudia. “An older woman was at the table in front of ours, and a girl my age was at the table in back of ours. But neither of them looked like she deserved a Secret Admirer.” Wow, Stacey. I expect that kind of behavior from Dawn, but you? I don’t think anyone is going to out bitch that statement.

  • Too bad Stacey didn’t get a good look at the guy because she was too busy judging the other ladies in the place. Claudia goes flying out of the place trying to find him. Fare thee well, Claudia.


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