In Case You Missed It… [May News]

News you might have missed, because you really don’t care that much.

  • ABC is getting in on the live musical game with The Little Mermaid. Um, so in.
  • ABC is also bringing back American Idol. Thank god. Now we can all unite under hating a Sanjaya-like performer again. It’s the only thing that can truly bring Americans together!
  • ABC is ALSO bringing back Rosanne. Geez, between this and the Will & Grace revival, why not just revive every show from the 90’s, because clearly the networks have given up on bringing us new content. I mean, new episodes of Seinfeld have basically already been written.
  • Going to shows that should never be resuscitated, FOX wants to bring back How I Met Your Mother? Why? Because having one of the worst series finales of all time wasn’t painful enough? No. No second chances for you.
  • Looks like Golden Girls Clue is going to be a thing. No one is going to die though (because it would definitely be Stanley, right?), and instead it focuses around who stole the cheesecake. Why not make a Blanche-centric game of Mystery Date next? Because only one guy can fit in the doorway? Zing!
  • Have you seen the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary website? You can preorder some cute (but pricey) 30th anniversary plushies.
  • Someone went ahead and modded Kirby into Mario Kart 8. I mean, why don’t they ever invite Kirby to the party? Because he might eat them? They invite Petey Piranha, and he’s pretty much a straight up bad guy who’s apt to swallow any of them any second!

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