Final Fantasy Revisited – The Whole Story

If you’re too lazy to click around and search to find every part of the saga, no worries, I got you. Enjoy the journey that takes you through corporate excess, Sephiroth’s maybe preventable descent into insanity and way too many jokes about squirrels, all while following a bunch of people I wouldn’t really call friends by even the loosest interpretation of the word.

PLAY 1 – Beginning thru meeting Aeris

PLAY 2 – Wall Market

PLAY 3 – Destroy Sector 7 thru infiltrating Shinra HQ

PLAY 4 – Shinra HQ continued.

PLAY 5-1 – Kalm Flashback

PLAY 5-2 – Travel to Junon and across the sea

PLAY 6 – Corel, Gold Saucer and a stay in the clink

PLAY 7 – Gongaga and Cosmo Canyon

PLAY 8-1 – Nibelheim and Rocket Town

PLAY 8-2 – Hot date with Barret plus Cait Sith’s an a-hole

PLAY 9-1 – Wutai

PLAY 9-2 – Temple of the Ancients

PLAY 10-1 – City of the Ancients, end of disc one

PLAY 10-2 -Icicle Inn and way too much snow

PLAY 10-3 – The Northern Crater

PLAY 11-1 – Escape Rufus’ clutches

PLAY 11-2 – Stop Shinra and help Cloud!

PLAY 12 – Chocobo breeding and fun with side quests

PLAY 13-1 – To space!

PLAY 13-2 – Planning to stop Sephiroth and drama at Shinra

PLAY 13-3 – Return to Midgar

PLAY 14 – The End

PLAY 15 – Not quite




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