Let’s Play: Contra III

The much touted SNES Classic has a large variety of games I’ve never played. My parents were stingy with the video game cartridges growing up, so aside from the most popular games of the era, my experience is limited. I figured why now play through all the games on the SNES Classic and try to get a sense of what I was missing. (And also what I was not missing, because I’m not about to skip those.)


The Game: Contra III

Played Before: No

Graphics: 3

Music: 2

Replayability: 2

Fun Score: See below


I guess I get wanting to attack the aliens aggressively, but maybe put on a little more gear than a muscle shirt and a bandanna, because you keep dying after one hit.

My muscles are all the armor I need!

And why do you need revenge? I need back story. Were you previously probed by the aliens? Because then I can see wanting revenge, but I assume you took a bunch of them out when you escaped. Plus if it’s 2636 I expect the city to not look stuck in 1989. Also maybe take a side job as a dog catcher with all those evil hounds milling about.

I found something worse than rabies.

Maybe if I had a fetish for Jean Claude Van Dam meets Predator I’d enjoy this more. I had it on easy and still only got to level 3 before the game refused to let me continue, and I mean that literally. Clearly I can’t even handle 2D shooters where you never run out of ammo because your bandanna is an endless source (I assume). I used to play the original Contra on the NES and this version doesn’t look, sound or play all that different – I wasn’t much good at that one either. Maybe it’s better with a friend. Especially if we have matching bandannas.



Fun Score: 3

I wanted to like this one more, but my inability to play it competently really sucked the fun out of the experience.



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