We Don’t Give a Damn

Brian,  Steve   and Lauren  say screw it to a single topic and just blather on about whatever the hell they want.

On this thrilling episode, they discuss:

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is coming out. Will they waste precious materials making Cait Sith a playable character?

-We find out when Brian finally learned to read.

Dynasty Warriors breaks brains.

-How Lego video games are all the same.

-Platniuming video games, and how it can occasionally be painful.

-That awful new Ghostbusters song that didn’t need to exist.

-Hoping they can refrain from blowing up/crashing the Enterprise in the new Star Trek movie.

All this and much, much, more!



Lauren likes to write, which is why she has this website. She also enjoys genealogy, video games, Broadway musicals, things of the 90's and singing. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter.
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