The Frenchman Series

My 4th great-grandfather was Emile Glatigny. He came to the United States in the 1860’s and did some interesting stuff I’ve been tracing through my genealogy research. Here are the parts of the series that are available – much more to come:

Part I >> Emile is Born!

Part II >> Emile Had Parents!

Part III >> Emile Goes to Canada!

Part IV >> Emile Goes to War!

Part V >> Emile Gets Married!

Part VI >> Emile Went to NYC!

Part VII >> Emile Had Kids!

Part VIII >> Emile’s Kids Were Little…

Part IX >> Emile Lives Somewhere Else!

Part X >> Emile is a Father Again!

Part XI >> Emile Returns to NYC!

Part XII >> Emile Dumps His Daughter!

Part XIII >> Emile at the Turn of the 20th Century

Part XIV >> Emile’s Son Goes to Jail!

Part XV > > Emile Needs to Get Paid!

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